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Leather Doctor



Leather Dye and Ink Stain Remover - Kit-P7.di


Leather Dye and Ink Stain Remover - Kit-P7.di

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Product Description

Leather Doctor® Kit P7.di, pigmented leather dye / ink stain removal kit is an innovative concept of removing blue jeans dye and ink stains featuring a “reverse transfer” technique utilizing a paper towel over the dwelling Prep-7.7. Prep-7.7 works by penetrating, lubricating and suspending the stains on dwell time and the paper towel reverse absorb the stain instantaneously from the leather. Prior failed attempt with set-in stains may require the help of Bleach-9.9 as booster to the Prep-7.7 to remove the residual stains. Sticky residue is removes with Cleaner-3.8, rinses with Rinse-3.0 and pH balances with Acidifier-2.0 when Bleach-9.9 is cooperated. Hydrator-3.3 relaxes stiff leathers prior to fat and oil replenishing. Fatliquor-5.0 rejuvenates the leather structure with softness and suppleness when dry. MicroTop-54M is an option for renewing the topcoat from friction wear. Protector-B+ imparts a non-stick rub- resistant protection with a buttery feel that shield against sticky soiling and reduce friction noises that translate to less wear. Note that the mentioned product suffix number denotes its pH value in this holistic leather-safe dye and ink stain removal system.


Ink Stain Removal on Pigmented (monotone) Leathers:
Pigmented leathers are opaque monotone color finishes with water droplet pooling on the surface when tested. Stain will slowly penetrate into the finishes and easier to remove them when fresh. Aged and compounded fail attempt may pose more difficulties as the molecular ink structure may have been altered from the original. Weak and worn finishes will also me more difficult as the topcoat coat may be weaken and surface becomes semi-absorbent making stain penetrate easier. Removal is first done with Prep-7.7 until the stain is completely removed; otherwise Bleach-9.9 is added as booster for the Prep-7.7 for a final treatment. Remaining sticky residue is removed with Clean-3.8 > Rinse-3.0 and Acidifier-2.0 as the last treatment when Bleach-9.9 is used. Acidifier-2.0 is used to pH balance or neutralizes the high pH value of the Bleach-9.9 (pH 9.9).

Ink Stain Removal on Pigmented (two-tone) Leathers:
Pigmented two-tone leathers like Kela Effect, molted, wiped, tipped, cloudy, etc. commonly has a darker secondary coloring. These secondary coloring is easily removed from friction rubs and cleaning. Ink stain removal will have a high potential to removed the delicate secondary finishes and is then restored with Adhesor-73 > 2Tone-37 > MicroTop-54S > Protector-B as a holistic system.

Ink Stain Removal on Pigmented (Antiquing) Leathers:
Pigmented (Antiquing) leathers has the darker secondary colors same as the 2Tone-37. These button designs are associated with the Chesterfields. The matching colors would be Antique-27 range in this sequence of process Adhesor-73 > Antique-27 > MicroTop-54S > Protector-B as a holistic system.

Testing with Prep-7.7:
1) Cut out a piece of Towel-T5 from the kit about thumb size and soak it with Prep-7.7. 2) Test it on the worst stains area and inspects at regular interval with fresh application until the stain is gone. 3) Observe if there is sign of stain removal, if it does, the stain will eventually be removed with repeat application. 4) To secure the test patch from dislodging wrapped it over with see through cling wrap.
5) When stain is removed with satisfaction, clean off the sticky residue with Clean-3.8 follows with Rinse-3.0 until a squeaky-feel. 6) The lack of a healthy squeaky-feel may be the result of worn out topcoat, reapplication with MicroTop-54M, S or G is recommended. 7) Apply a soak out paper towel with Acidifier-2.0 over the area until dry to strengthen the finish prior to topcoat application. 8) When test after 72 hours shows poor response, Bleach-9.9 may be use to boost the Prep-7.7.
Mixing Ratio (1: 2: 2):
1) A mixing ratio guide by weight is 1 part Bleach-9.9: 2 parts Prep-7.7: 2 parts Hot water. 2) From the mixing bottle, a small test portion Bleach-9.9 is first add into the bottle follow with Prep-7.7 and stirring into a paste. 3) Hot water is drip into the bottle using the pipette to activate the bleach and stirring into a creamy paste.

Testing with Bleach-9.9:
1) Apply onto an inconspicuous or hidden area and leave it for a 12 hours inspection for discoloration. 2) Remove residue with damp wiping and cleaning sticky residue with Clean-3.8 follows with Rinse-3.0. 3) Cut out a paper towel, soak with Acidifier-2.0 and place on the test spot until naturally dry to neutralize the alkalinity.

If testing with Bleach-9.9 bleach shows side effect, abandon and continue only with Prep-7.7. In actual application repeat testing successes to the actual application.


Phase-1 Prep-7.7:

1). Cut Towel-T5 a little larger than the stain area. 2) Saturate with Prep-7.7 liberally and place over the stain. 3) Leave up to 72hours with regular inspection as the released and suspended stain will “reverse transfer” to the more absorbent towel. 4) When towel is soiled and the stain is not entire removed repeat above 1), 2) & 3) until the stain is entirely removed.

Phase-2 Bleach-9.9 + Prep-7.7:

1). When the stain is not removed after 72hours, Bleach-9.9 is added accordingly to the Prep-7.7 and apply to the stain and leave it for 8hrs for inspection. When satisfaction proceed with Phase-3.

Phase-3 Clean-3.8 > Rinse-3.0 > Acidifier-2.0

1). To remove the remaining sticky residue Clean-3.8 > Rinse-3.0 is used for Phase-1. Additional Acidifier-2.0 is used in Phase-2, thus Clean-3.8 > Rinse-3.0 > Acidifier-2.0 to remove any tacky or sticky feel and let dry.

Phase-4 Protector-B

Protector-B (scentless) or Protector-B+ (leather-scented) impart a non-stick surface for easier cleaning and stain removal.

Kit Content and Product Description:

Leather Doctor® Prep-7.7 (60ml)
Prep-7.7 is a waterbased pH-7.7 high viscosity leather cleaner develop to remove dye and ink stains on all pigmented leathers. It works by dwell-time allowing its superior penetrating, lubricating and suspending power to do its work. It is design to work in co- operation with Bleach-9.9 to synergize its working power. Sticky residue is to be clean with Cleaner-3.8, rinse with Rinse-3.0 and neutralize with Acidifier-2.0 when Bleach-9.9 is in co-operated.

Leather Doctor® Bleach-9.9 (30ml)
Bleach-9.9 is only use on pigmented leather finish types. This powder becomes pH 9.9 when works as a booster for Prep-7.7 in a weight mixture with hot water at a ratio of 1: 2: 2 (Bleach-9.9: Prep-7.7: Hot water). Non-metal tools are used to prepare the mixture. Sticky residue is remove with Cleaner-3.8, rinse and pH balance with Acidifier-2.0.

Leather Doctor® Cleaner-3.8 (250ml)
Cleaner-3.8 is a pH 3.8 universal anionic cleaner for all leather types that is particularly effective in emulsifying oily soils and in suspending particulates; by penetrating, lubricating and suspending soiling safely and effectively through gentle chemical reaction; working in perfect harmony with all leather constituents that include the tanning agent, preservative, dyestuff and the fatliquor.

Leather Doctor® Rinse-3.0 (250ml)
Rinse-3.0 is a pH 3.0 leather-safe rinse for pH balancing alkalinity and removing all traces of cleaning residue to a healthy squeaky -feel.

Leather Doctor® Acidifier-2.0 (250ml)
Acidifier-2.0 is a waterbased pH 2.0 leather acidifier develop to rinse and pH balance Bleach-9.9. The effect of pH balancing is to reduce tackiness or sliminess from alkalinity and returning the leather to a healthy squeaky-feel.

Leather Doctor® Hydrator-3.3 (250ml)
Hydrator-3.3 is a waterbased pH 3.3 leather-safe hydrator. Primary it is a fatliquor preconditioner with multi functional abilities. Surface application is essentially to check for even surface tension free of blotchiness prior to fatliquor replenishing. Structural application will require saturating to an optimum level with moisture oozing out when gently pressed between thumb and fingers. The multi functional abilities include: a) to check for surface tension for an even appearance free from blotchiness prior to fatliquor replenishing. b) To plumps, relaxes and separates crushed, shrunk and stick together fibrils for manipulating away-unwanted creases and wrinkles. c) To rectify alkaline overexposure areas by facilitating colloidal water movement to redistribute the leather constituents from surrounding areas. d) To activate the dormant dyestuff within the leather structure for color refreshing. e) To facilitates colloidal water movement within the inter-fibrillary spaces for wicking foreign soiling particulates to resurface. f) To stabilize, pH balance and charge the protein fiber below its iso-electric point (pI) ionic positive to hydrogen bond with the ionic negative fatliquor more effectively. It is for all leather types including pigmented, aniline, vachetta, nubuck, suede, hair-on-hide and woolskin.

Leather Doctor® Fatliquor-5.0 (250ml)
Fatliquor-5.0, a micro emulsion of fat, oil and water is an anionic charged pH 5.0 fatliquor for rejuvenating all leather types. It relaxes coarse breaks, creases and wrinkles enhance suppleness and prevent cracking. It softens the leather with stretchability, compressibility and flexibility, while enhancing its rip tensile strength greatly. It is for replenishing the original fat and oil that diminishes thru sun-bleaching, ageing, heat and alkaline overexposure or cleaning. On application, the water-encased molecule breaks free when hydrogen bond attraction takes place between the fat and oil with the protein fiber. The excess free water content wicks out leaving a breathing space behind for leather natural transpiration. The fat plumps the leather with fullness from easily collapsing into creases and wrinkles during stress or flex, while the oil lubricates the fibers so that they slide over one another smoothly like millions of inter-connecting hinges. Thus helps to keep leather at its optimum physical performance and prevent premature ageing. This universal Fatliquor-5.0 is for all leather types including pigmented, aniline, vachetta, nubuck, suede, hair- on-hide and woolskin.

Leather Doctor® MicroTop-54M (60ml)
MicroTop-54M is a matte luster waterbased soft polyurethane leather topcoat. It is lightfast and non-yellowing. It has excellent flow and leveling properties. It is recoatable and forms a flexible film coat. It gives good performing results from friction wear.

Leather Doctor® Protector-B+ (120ml)
Protector-B+ is a leather scented, non-film forming, non-stick, rub-resistant protector that impart a natural buttery-feel. Its non- stick breathable barrier is essentially to shield the detrimental effects of sticky soiling. Its natural buttery-feel protection increases the leather resistance to wet and dry rubs, thus reduce stretch, scuff and abrasion. It reduces friction squeaks that wear the finishes when one shift weight on the leather.

Leather Brush-1 (1pc)
Leather Brush-1 is a horsehair detailing brush design ergonomically to be an extension of our hand with a sturdy grooved grip. It is design to produce effective result easily and efficiently. It is recommend for all smooth leather for a soft and scratch-free cleaning. Its length is 7 inches with a three-row bristle 1½ inches cleaning head.

3 inch Poly-Brush (2 pc)
3 inch poly-brush is a dense foam that resists tearing and shredding and carries more material. It has a solid wood handle that allows greater control for quality results. It is use for controlling and spreading fatliquor for a more even distribution.

Paper Towel Rags (5 pc)
Paper towel rag works like cloth, lint free, highly absorbent and washable. General application is for extracting suspended soiling or for spreading hydrator, fatliquor or protector. It is use for both dye and topcoat padding for smooth leathers.

2000-grit wet and dry Sandpaper (1 pc)
2000-grit sandpaper is selected specially for its ability to smoothen rough finish. Sanding is aim at the finish for better anchorage during refinishing. It is for smoothen finishes in between coating when necessary.

Mixing Bottle (1pc)
Mixing Bottle is for mixing Bleach-9.9: Prep-7.7: Hot water in weight ratio of 1: 2: 2. The mixed products become a whitish cream.

Pipette (1 pc)
2ml plastic pipette is for dripping hot water to activate the Bleach-9.9 in the mixing bottle.

Stir Stick (1 pc)
Wooden stir stick is for the mixing bottle.

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