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Product Overview

acne8 is an antibiotic facial skin cleanser, specially formulated for cleansing of pollutants and accumulated soiling. In conjunction, its continuous working residue, act in osmosis dries swollen acne, thus reduces unwanted bursting that may end as healing scars. In addition, it acts as a protective shield against bacterial infestation. As it dries, it will begin tightening up the skin and you would be able to feel the working effect. To reduce dryness thereafter the matching "acne+" is used for moisturizing and rejuvenating new skin growth. Excess moisturizing oil is gently wiped away with a lint-free cloth or paper towel leaving a smooth and buttery soft skin texture. Besides, I used it for washing my eyes with an eyewash cup to also reduce UV light thickening and dullness to our eyes cornea. And yes, for removing the bitter morning taste of my tongue and cleaning mouth ulcers occasionally as well, safe to swallow too.

acne8 Cleansing Direction:

Shake well, a facial pad or cotton bud is saturated with acne8, and the face is clean twice daily, of pollutants and accumulated soiling. Soiled pad is changed, until it shows clean, to end the cleansing process. As it dries, a skin tightening effect is the dorm for healthy skin, and exposed acne or broken skin an immediate stinging effect upon contact. A morning and evening daily cleaning, shield skin against bacteria infestation. Use in combination with acne+, to relieve skin renewal in progress.

A Quest for the elusive Skin Care system:

Why a facial skins care system from Leather Doctor? Well, a very satisfied leather care client patrickBooth, from New York City, ask if I (Roger), can formulate a skin care product for his mother, that can work as wonderfully, as the anti ageing leather rejuvenating system, he had experience, she would be happy to use it too. “Have you ever considered trying out this technology and logic in the cosmetics business? I wonder if the Hydrator-3.3 - Fatliquor-5.0 system can replace my mother wrinkle cream. What do you think?” Such confidence in quest for the elusive skin care product, to make people happy, with their skin as well, especially the face, to age youthfully, inspired me. So the search begins . . .

An Urgency to Find a Cure for a Bedsore:

My late mother, had a deteriorating bedsore, for a long while, and no medical prescription in Singapore, was able to heal it, and that is, always moist, like a permanent rot. acne2 was formulated, and put to the trial. It was spray, onto the sore daily, and it begins drying up, in 2 weeks time. I was amazed myself, and in one of my doctor’s visit, I shared this phenomenon. He just gave me a blank look (that is another story). But, my wife in between finger persistent sore, from constant detergent washings, quickly heals as well. With confident, I used it happily on my acne, pimple, wound, itch, and slimy feet, as a long founded skin elixir. Knowing that, its antibiotic abilities, lies in the natural salt of chloride and iodine, being acidified with a pH value below 2, where most bacteria would not survive, moreover working in osmosis, a double active action, contributing to the successful bacteria fighting accelerating skin healing process.

A Search for a Natural Antibiotic Face Cleanser:

Continuing using acne2 as a sore cure, on a daily basis, after acne subsided, serves no further useful purpose, as an antibiotic cleanser becomes a priority. The natural salt of chloride and iodine was basified, with a pH value above 8, and name as acne8. acne8 goes on a trial to prove its abilities to remove pollutants and accumulated soiling, as reveal simply by using a saturated facial pad or cotton bud on a daily basis. Without rinsing, and cleaning until new facial pad shows clean, it continues to act as a barrier against natural bacteria infestation.

A Need to an Effective Skin Renewal Process was Realized:

After acne was cleared, a need for an accelerating skin renewal process was realized. Ideally, a skin renewal or anti-aging product should be able to exfoliate ultraviolet degenerated, radioactive exposed and natural dead skin cells. Moreover, activating new cell growth to take over exfoliated is also absolutely essential. A salt of sodium in a formulation of omega-6, omega-9, vitamins A, C, D and E, antioxidant fat and wax becomes acneX.

An extra comfort in the Skin Renewal Process:

New skin cells replacements will require nutrients supplied and the body’s abilities to heal itself from within. External topical help comes in the form of omega-6, omega-9, vitamins A, C, D and E being absorbed by the skin. Besides rejuvenating, regular application soothes the exfoliating process in ease and greater comfort. Crusty skin about to be shed that feels papery dead with our finger tips touches are soon replaced with youthful soft new generated skin by acne+­­­.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review