Leather Perforated Auto Seat Smoke Deodorizer - Kit-Ap3.so

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Perforated Leather Auto Seat Smoke Deodorizer - Kit-Ap3.so by Leather Doctor is formulated to eliminate soot and smoke odors. LeatherSmokeCleaner-4.7 is used in conjunction with LeatherPrep-7.7 to effectively remove the sticky micron size smoke particles that lodge in the leather pores, stitching seams and perforated panels. It is the scrutinizing and removing of these off-gassing sticky particles that will eventually solve the odor problem. The sticky residue is removed with LeatherCleaner-3.8 follows with LeatherRinse-3.0. LeatherHydrator-3.3 helps relax stiff leathers prior to fat and oil replenishing. LeatherScentedFatliquor-5.5 imparts the classic leather scent besides penetrating and lubricating the leather structure for softness, suppleness, and strength when dry. LeatherScentedProtector-B+ imparts a non-stick buttery-feel to shield against sticky soot and smoke soiling. Note that the mentioned products suffix numbers denote its pH value in this holistic approach of decontaminating smoke odors from auto perforated-leather. This kit comes with reduced weight to save on shipping thus all the 250ml concentrate ratio have to be cut/mix and fills with distilled water prior to use.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review