Leather Perforated Auto Steering Wheel Degreaser - Kit-Ap5.dr

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Product Overview

Perforated Leather Auto Steering Wheel Degreaser - Kit-Ap5.dr by Leather Doctor is an innovative leather-safe degreasing system designed for the sticky leather steering wheel. Oil, grease and sweat contacts easily build-up to unwanted sticky shine. Unlike solvent-based degreaser, which further dries the leather of its fat and oil, LeatherDegreaser-2.2 is waterbased with a pH of 2.2 close to the neutral pH 3 - 5 of leather to take care of sweaty soiling. Besides effectively emulsifying the greasy contamination, it strengthens the leather’s pH chemistry integrity charging the leather fiber ionic positive to maintain the ionic attraction between the other ionic negative leather constituents like the tanning agent and the fatliquor. The suspended emulsified contamination is removed with LeatherAcidifier-2.0 as a rinse. LeatherHydrator-3.3 relaxes stiff leather and removes surface tension to the desired appearance prior to fat and oil replenishing. LeatherFatliquor-5.0 rejuvenates the leather for the desired softness with suppleness when dry. MicroLeatherTop-54M is a matte urethane OEM grade topcoat for renewing existing deteriorated topcoat. LeatherProtector-D imparts a draggy-feel for a safer grip to complete this holistic leather degreasing system for the sticky steering wheel. Note that the mentioned products suffix numbers denote its pH value for a safer degreasing approach to pH-sensitive leather. Leather is an amphoteric material and shifting of its pH value obliviously causes the leather to denature and reverts to rawhide.


1. Protect surrounding areas with plastic covering from overspray and drips prior to degreasing.
2. Shake the LeatherDegreaser-2.2 to gel prior to use.
3. Transfer to the horsehair detailing brush and apply directly with agitation for product penetration into the leather.
4. Suspended soiling is extracted with a terry towel until the towel shows clean.
5. Spray soaks LeatherAcidifier-2.0 as rinse into the leather, agitate and extract until towel shows clean.
6. Inspect for shine and sticky when dry, scrutinize if the topcoat is intact

1. LeatherHydrator-3.3 is applied to soak into the leather to relax stiff and stick together fibers and to wick out suspended foreign contamination.
2. Wrapping the leather with a paper towel and wet it out with LeatherHydrator-3.3 is an advanced technique to let the leather soak it up.
3. The paper towel is left on the leather to dry naturally; this technique allows the wick soiling particulates to be trapped by the paper towel instead of remaining on the leather surface.

Fat and Oil Replenishing
1. LeatherFatliquor-5.0 is applied by foam brush until saturation.
2. A continuous second or third application is repeated each round the water contents evaporates until saturation.
3. When topcoat is to be applied the surface has to be free of surface fat and oil. This is accomplished with LeatherHydrator-3.3 application and wiping the surface with an absorbent white towel.

Topcoat Renewal
1. Prior to the MicroLeatherTop-54 application, the surface is dry-prep to free of foreign residue and lint.
2. Shake the product well and apply it with the lint-free Towel-5 or foam brush.
3. Speed dries between coats with the help of a hairdryer.
4. Use less pressure to reduce streaks for subsequent coats.
5. 2000-grit sanding may apply to improve touch and appearance.
6. Inspect for appearance and feel of hand.
7. If tackiness is detected in extreme cases a 10% LeatherCrosslinker-25 is recommended to be added into the MicroLeatherTop-54M for reapplication.

Rub-Resistant Protection
1. LeatherProtector-D is applied to the leather with either a foam brush or Towel-5.
2. For routine application, a paper towel is recommended to extract soiling simultaneously.

Kit Content and Product Description:

Leather Doctor LeatherDegreaser-2.2 (120ml)
LeatherDegreaser-2.2 is a pH 2.2 leather-safe waterbased degreaser with dye bleeding control. It is formulated for degreasing leather of penetrated oil, grease and sweat stains from skin, and hair contact, especially the headrest and armrest of upholstery, collar, and cuffs of the garment, handles of the bag including the steering wheel. It works best in conjunction with LeatherRinse-3.0 to rinse emulsified soiling or LeatherAcidifier-2.0 for rinsing, bleeding control and pH balancing sweaty contamination from leather denaturing into rawhide. This universal leather degreaser is for all leather types including the common pigmented, aniline, vachetta, nubuck and suede.

Leather Doctor LeatherAcidifier-2.0 (250ml)
LeatherAcidifier-2.0 is a waterbased pH 2.0 leather acidifier formulated for controlling dye bleeding in conjunction with LeatherDegreaser-2.2 in extreme prolong oil, grease, and sweat decontamination system. As a standalone, it is for pH balancing alkaline overexposure that manifests as marks, streaks, brightness, and tackiness. This universal acidifier is for all leather types including pigmented, aniline, vachetta, nubuck, suede, hair-on-hide, and woolskin leather types.

Leather Doctor LeatherHydrator-3.3 (250ml)
LeatherHydrator-3.3 is a waterbased pH of 3.3 leather-safe hydrator. It is a fatliquor preconditioner with multi-functional abilities. Surface application is primary to check for even surface tension free of blotchiness prior to fatliquor replenishing. The structural application will require saturating to an optimum level with moisture oozing out when gently pressed between thumb and fingers. The multi-functional abilities include a) to check for surface tension for an even appearance free from blotchiness prior to fatliquor replenishing. b) To plumps, relaxes and separates crushed, shrunk and stick together fibrils for manipulating away-unwanted creases and wrinkles. c) To rectify alkaline overexposure areas by facilitating colloidal water movement to redistribute the leather constituents from surrounding areas. d) To activate the dormant dyestuff within the leather structure for color refreshing. e) To facilitates colloidal water movement within the inter-fibrillary spaces for wicking foreign soiling particulates to resurface. f) To stabilize, pH balance and charge the protein fiber below its iso-electric point (pI) ionic positive to hydrogen bond with the ionic negative fatliquor more effectively. This universal Hydrator-3.3 is for all leather types including pigmented, aniline, vachetta, nubuck, suede, hair-on-hide and woolskin.

Leather Doctor LeatherFatliquor-5.0 (250ml)
LeatherFatliquor-5.0, a micro-emulsion of fat, oil, and water is an anionic charged pH 5.0 fatliquor for rejuvenating all leather types. It relaxes coarse breaks, creases and wrinkles enhance suppleness and prevent cracking. It softens the leather with stretchability, compressibility and flexibility while enhancing its rip tensile strength greatly. It is for replenishing the original fat and oil that diminishes through sun-bleaching, aging, heat and alkaline overexposure or cleaning. On application, the water-encased molecule breaks free when hydrogen bond attraction takes place between the fat and oil with the protein fiber. The excess free water content wicks out leaving a breathing space behind for leather natural transpiration. The fat plumps the leather with fullness from easily collapsing into creases and wrinkles during stress or flex, while the oil lubricates the fibers so that they slide over one another smoothly like millions of inter-connecting hinges. Thus helps to keep leather at its optimum physical performance and prevent premature aging. This universal LeatherFatliquor-5.0 is for all leather types including pigmented, aniline, vachetta, nubuck, suede, hair-on-hide and woolskin.

Leather Doctor MicroLeatherTop-54M (60ml)
MicroLeatherTop-54M is a matte finish waterbased soft polyurethane auto leather topcoat. It is lightfast and non-yellowing. It has excellent flow and leveling properties. It is recoatable and forms a flexible film coat. It gives good performing results from friction wear.

Leather Doctor LeatherProtector-D (120ml)
LeatherProtector-D is formulated for Aniline and Nubuck Wax Pull-up, Bicast, Vachetta, Steering Wheel, and Leather Flooring. This is a non-film forming, non-stick scentless protector that enhances a natural draggy-feel. It imparts a non-stick breathable barrier essentially to shield the detrimental effects of sticky soiling. Its natural draggy-feel protection increases the leather resistance to wet and dry rubs, thus reduce stretch, scuff, and abrasion. It is also used as a scuff repairer, filling and concealing surface scuffs to improve appearance. The drag produces an unforgettable familiar sound sweet to the ears when leather rubs.

Leather Brush-1 (1pc)
Leather Brush-1 is a horsehair detailing brush design ergonomically to be an extension of our hand with a sturdy grooved grip. It is designed to produce effective result easily and efficiently. It is recommend for all smooth leather for a soft and scratch-free cleaning. Its length is 7 inches with a three-row bristle 1½ inches cleaning head.

Towel T-5 (5 pcs)
Paper Towel Rags work like cloth, lint free, highly absorbent and washable. General application is for extracting suspended soiling or for spreading hydrator, fatliquor or protector. It is used for both dye and topcoat padding for smooth leathers.

PolyBrush-3" (1 pc)
3" Poly-Brush is a dense foam that resists tearing and shredding and carries more material. It has a solid wood handle that allows greater control for quality results. It is used for controlling and spreading fatliquor for a more even distribution.

Sand2000grit wet and dry Sandpaper (1 pc)
2000grit sandpaper is selected specially for its ability to smoothen rough finish. Sanding is aim at the finish for better anchorage during refinishing. It is for smoothen finishes in between coating when necessary.


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