Wax Pull-up Aniline Leather Lounges

Wax Pull-up Aniline Leather Lounges


Wax pull-up leathers derive their color from dyestuff and effect wax that gives the leather a lively distressed look.  When this leather is pulled, stretched, or scratched, the waxes dissipate characteristically and become lighter in those areas.  Sunlight and stretching through high-wear areas are two main indications that the infused wax needs replenishing.  As is, effect wax behaves just like the primary fatliquor they do diminish through aging and will need periodic replenishing.  Besides contributing to the color intensity, it improves the water-shedding effect.  Effect wax when applied to the leather penetrates while some transform into a fine cloudy crystal and remains on the surface.  The dried surface white powdery deposits are then heat activated and when they melt, they coat the surface with a glossy sheen.  In a restorative care cycle, a urethane gloss topcoat is applied to restore its original appearance.  In every one of these kits, there is a bottle of Wax Pull-up-8.6 to work in conjunction with other system products in a holistic approach for maintaining or restoring this unique characteristic only to aniline wax pull-up leathers.

An example: Crate & Barrel Leather - Libby is a beautiful top-grain, natural leather with a pull-up effect, which creates a beautiful aged look. This leather gets its pull-up effect from oils and waxes that are applied during the finishing process. 
 When the leather is stretched, the oils and waxes are displaced, causing the stretched area to become lighter in color.  Libby is a top-grain, non-corrected leather that allows nature's markings such as scars and wrinkles to show and is considered part of the natural beauty of a genuine leather product.  Since the finish for Libby is rather transparent and has no pigmentation in it special care is required.  It should be kept out of direct sunlight and away from exposure to vents as drying and/or fading could occur.  Minor spills should be cleaned with a clean, white cloth.


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